Hello! This is a brand new blog about hiking in Switzerland. We have lots of hikes under our belts to grow our site with, but it’s early days at the moment so bear with us while we find our feet :)

Hello there! We’re an expat couple who enjoy hiking both famous and obscure hiking trails in Switzerland. Whilst one of us grew up hiking, the other first looked at a hiking map a few years ago and said ‘hmm this map is a bit funny, it’s got all these weird squiggly lines on it’. Turns out those squiggly lines are contour lines which indicate how high up a mountain you are and how much longer my legs are going to feel the burn going up the hill – who knew!

Living here, we’ve found that there are loads of off-the-beaten-path hiking options in Switzerland but that they’re not always accessible to non-German, French or Italian speakers (ahem English speakers…). With this blog we’d like to share some of the places we’ve discovered – some are obscure but are just as breath-taking or Insta-worthy as the most famous spots around Interlaken and Lucerne. If you’re lucky you might even get some of them all to yourself! So – let’s get started!

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