Check out the posts below for some of our favorite hikes in the Swiss canton of Bern!

Niesen – Hiking up Switzerland’s Pyramid Mountain

From the train Niesen certainly looks like our laidbackhikers logo. It’s like that perfect triangle shaped mountain that we all drew as kids. And I think that’s one of the main reasons why when I first saw this mountain many years ago I looked at my fellow laidback hiker with…


Schilthorn: hiking on a James Bond film set

With the recent release of No Time to Die we thought a post on one of the James Bond mountains in Switzerland might be fitting! Schilthorn features as Piz Gloria in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Although this peak was made famous by the James Bond franchise it still…


Bantiger – panoramic Alpine views and cliff houses near Bern

Mini Mountains: #8 Bantiger  Another day, another of Switzerland’s smallest mountains! Bantiger is on the Swiss Plateau close to Bern – so close, actually, that we started this walk at Bern main station and headed down through the center of the old town of Bern, through the covered walkways and past the famous bear…


Chasseral – Hiking in the Jura

The two faces of Chasseral - summer and winter hiking in the Jura Table of Contents Chasseral - Winter Snowshoe Hike Chasseral - Summer Hike Practical Info (Time, Distance, Route Map etc) Alternative Routes At 1607m Chasseral is far from being one of the tallest mountains in Switzerland. So it’s…


Marbachegg: winter hiking in the Bernese Oberland

This simple January winter hike took us into some of the lesser known parts of the wintery Bernese Oberland on the border between cantons Bern and Lucerne. After a train to Escholzmatt, we took a bus on to Bumbach (in my head I say ‘Boomback’ which is probably incorrect) where…


Stockhorn – A Knobbly Mountain and a Thunderstorm

Time: 2 hrs Distance: ~ 4 km Altitude: ± 600 m ↑ 110 m ↓ When my fellow laidbackhiker pointed out the peak we were going to climb, my eyes rolled over backwards and I probably said something like – “You’re kidding me! How do you expect to get up…


Blaseflue: The Moosegg Panorama Hike in Bern

Switzerland has many funnily named places and today’s hike took us to two of them: Moosegg and Zäziwil, which sounds like something out of the Lion King. This was a day when we wanted an easy hike. Something with not too much altitude, not too far from home and it…


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