Check out the posts below for some of our favorite hikes in the Swiss canton of Lucerne!

Lindenberg – hiking on the Swiss plateau

Mini mountains: #5 Lindenberg The Swiss Plateau between the Alps and the Jura is filled with hills and gentle ridges, and Lindenberg is no exception. Indeed, by Swiss standards, Lindenberg is almost flat! Despite this, it does stick up higher than everything for miles around it and in doing so dominates…


Rooterberg – Switzerland’s Smallest Mountain

Mini mountains: #1 Rooterberg A few months ago, we described Rooterberg as Switzerland’s smallest mountain, and that got us looking at a list of the smallest mountains in Switzerland. We found that we’ve actually climbed all of the top 10 (or should that be bottom 10?) over the years, some of them more than once! As…


Marbachegg: winter hiking in the Bernese Oberland

This simple January winter hike took us into some of the lesser known parts of the wintery Bernese Oberland on the border between cantons Bern and Lucerne. After a train to Escholzmatt, we took a bus on to Bumbach (in my head I say ‘Boomback’ which is probably incorrect) where…


Best Winter Hikes from Lucerne

Lucerne is famous for spectacular Alpine views and is very popular for hiking with locals and tourists alike. Although perhaps better known for summer hiking (and for skiing in Engelberg!), there are also a few really nice winter hiking options dotted around the area. Lucerne is also pretty central, so…


Chrüzhubel: Winter Hiking near Lucerne

It’s been a bit gray so far this winter... There are a couple of benefits to winter though - one is the snow, and the other is potential of some sun if you can find a way to get above the cloud line! On this particular day it had recently…


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