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The Gornera Valley Walk In Zermatt

For those of you who’ve spent some time in Zermatt and are looking for alternative hikes in the area then this hike might be one for you! It takes you up through the recently deglaciated Gornera valley floor where you can witness the Gornera river starting to carve out the valley.  On the now…


Lindenberg – hiking on the Swiss plateau

Mini mountains: #5 Lindenberg The Swiss Plateau between the Alps and the Jura is filled with hills and gentle ridges, and Lindenberg is no exception. Indeed, by Swiss standards, Lindenberg is almost flat! Despite this, it does stick up higher than everything for miles around it and in doing so dominates…


Stierenberg – easy hiking in Aargau

Mini mountains: #4 Stierenberg Nestled deep in rural Aargau, Stierenberg is a wooded peak well away from both the Alps and the Jura. We headed up Stierenberg on a cloudy day in the middle of the winter, with snow on the ground for the whole walk.  Even in mediocre weather conditions, though, we did get…


Best Hikes in Zermatt

Zermatt – home of the Toblerone Mountain, aka the Matterhorn. For some, a trip to Switzerland is unfinished without a visit to Zermatt, where on a good day the Matterhorn dominates the skyline. We’ve hiked around here a couple of times now and would like to share some of our favorite hikes in…


Pfannenstiel: easy hiking on Zurich’s second Uetliberg

Mini mountains: #2 Pfannenstiel  Barely a stone’s throw from Zurich, Pfannenstiel is one of the larger hills in the flat band of Switzerland that stretches between the Jura and the Alps from St. Gallen down to Lausanne. We climbed it late on a cloudy November day with early snow on…


Rooterberg – Switzerland’s Smallest Mountain

Mini mountains: #1 Rooterberg A few months ago, we described Rooterberg as Switzerland’s smallest mountain, and that got us looking at a list of the smallest mountains in Switzerland. We found that we’ve actually climbed all of the top 10 (or should that be bottom 10?) over the years, some of them more than once! As…


Best Short Hikes in Valais

Valais is one of Switzerland’s most popular destinations, stretching from its vineyard-filled main valley all the way up to the 4000m+ mountains surrounding Zermatt and Saas Fee. There are so many large mountains, in fact, that the average altitude in Valais is over 2000m. Conquering the highest peaks isn’t really…


Best Spring Hikes near Zurich

Spring - the time of the year when I forget about the winter and look forward to the bright summer ahead :D. In Switzerland, this in-between time is generally characterized by lots of meltwater and a sharp move towards warmer temperatures. It’s not uncommon to have nights that are below…


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