Check out the posts below for some of our favorite hikes in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen!

Hiking around the Walensee near Zurich

It was June, the start of the summer and already past 30°C – we wanted an easy hike and hoped to cool down later in the beautiful Walensee. If you don’t know the Walensee then here’s a tease – it’s a lake with emerald green and blue waters and giant…


Speer: mountain hiking near Zurich

If you’ve spent any time around Lake Zurich, you’ve probably seen Speer in the distance without even realizing it - it’s the highest point on a ridge that rises up suddenly from the flat ground at the upper end of Lake Zurich (the Pfäffikon/Rapperswil end). As a prominent mountain on…


Pizol 5 Lakes – A Famous Swiss hike near Zurich

This is one of the most famous hikes in the region, and with good reason. The journey from Zurich to the beginning of the hike is already impressive, taking you past the Walensee (‘see’ = lake) and the huge cliffs on the south side of the Churfirsten - an imposing…


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