Pfannenstiel: easy hiking on Zurich’s second Uetliberg

Mini mountains: #2 Pfannenstiel  Barely a stone’s throw from Zurich, Pfannenstiel is one of the larger hills in the flat band of Switzerland that stretches between the Jura and the Alps from St. Gallen down to Lausanne. We climbed it late on a cloudy November day with early snow on…


Best Spring Hikes near Zurich

Spring - the time of the year when I forget about the winter and look forward to the bright summer ahead :D. In Switzerland, this in-between time is generally characterized by lots of meltwater and a sharp move towards warmer temperatures. It’s not uncommon to have nights that are below…


Best Winter Hikes from Zurich

Winter is coming! It can be pretty grey in the cities in Switzerland, especially at this time of the year. In fact, when we moved to Switzerland, I imagined winter would mean me getting out of my apartment and having to shovel away heaps of snow that had fallen overnight.…


Best Snowshoe Hikes from Zurich

In the last couple of weeks the snow has started to fall in earnest, and as we write this a nice deep winter coat is falling, with the snow even briefly settling in the big cities in Switzerland. The hiking paths that make the Alps so accessible in the summer…


Lagern – A Rocky Ridge Hike Close to Zurich

Just 15 minutes from Zurich Hauptbahnhof, this is one of the few Alp-like ridgey walks near Zürich. It’s definitely more challenging than the Uetliberg but nothing the surefooted can’t do. The path starts at Baden station - yes you do have to go to canton Aargau for this one –…


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