Ticino Valley Hikes

I love Ticino. Hands down, it’s one of my favorite places to be in Switzerland - the fact that you can sit in a tunnel for 20 minutes and then suddenly you’re out of the grey skies north of the Alps and into the sun in the south makes Ticino…


Monte San Giorgio – Ticino’s Dinosaur Mountain

This hike starts in the picturesque village of Meride, home of Monte San Giorgio, or as its nickname goes, "Dinosaur Mountain". It's a nice hike through wooded forests and on old mule tracks, but the main selling point here is actually the view from the top, which is one of…


Monte Caslano – Hiking & Chestnut picking in Ticino

Ever heard of your Swiss colleagues collecting chestnuts over the weekend or wondered where you can pick them yourself? We stumbled across a full forest of them on a short hike one warm October weekend in Ticino. Time: 1.5 - 2.5 hr Distance: ~ 5-7 km Altitude: ~ 50 -…


Best hikes in Ticino

Ah, Ticino. Lakes, palm trees, long warm summers - definitely the Mediterranean canton of Switzerland! From Alpine hikes in the north to big valleys and lakes in the center and rolling hills in the south, there’s something here for pretty much everyone.  With the Gotthard base tunnel finished several years…


Tibetan Bridge Hike & A Minion in Ticino

This was one of our longer 4-5 hour hikes, starting at the bottom of the Ticino valley, across a vertiginous bridge connecting two hillsides and 1350 meters up to a hilltop restaurant looking down into the town of Bellinzona. Fortunately, there was a convenient cable car at the top to…


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