Hikes within easy reach of Zurich

Wildspitz – Hiking above the clouds near Zurich

On a foggy Sunday, as the train started climbing up from Arth-Goldau station towards Sattel, the density of the fog began to fade. The sky got bluer and then suddenly bang! We were out of the clouds and into the sunshine. If you’ve never experienced this before it might be…


Best Spring Hikes near Zurich

Spring - the time of the year when I forget about the winter and look forward to the bright summer ahead :D. In Switzerland, this in-between time is generally characterized by lots of meltwater and a sharp move towards warmer temperatures. It’s not uncommon to have nights that are below…


Best Winter Hikes from Zurich

Winter is coming! It can be pretty grey in the cities in Switzerland, especially at this time of the year. In fact, when we moved to Switzerland, I imagined winter would mean me getting out of my apartment and having to shovel away heaps of snow that had fallen overnight.…


Best Snowshoe Hikes from Zurich

In the last couple of weeks the snow has started to fall in earnest, and as we write this a nice deep winter coat is falling, with the snow even briefly settling in the big cities in Switzerland. The hiking paths that make the Alps so accessible in the summer…


Hiking around the Walensee near Zurich

It was June, the start of the summer and already past 30°C – we wanted an easy hike and hoped to cool down later in the beautiful Walensee. If you don’t know the Walensee then here’s a tease – it’s a lake with emerald green and blue waters and giant…


Speer: mountain hiking near Zurich

If you’ve spent any time around Lake Zurich, you’ve probably seen Speer in the distance without even realizing it - it’s the highest point on a ridge that rises up suddenly from the flat ground at the upper end of Lake Zurich (the Pfäffikon/Rapperswil end). As a prominent mountain on…


Hiking up Grosser Mythen – hairpins and big views

Time: 3 hrs Distance: ~ 6 km Altitude: ~ 700 m ↑ 700 m ↓ Scroll down for the route details and various other laidback options. Grosser Mythen and Kleiner Mythen sit next to each other opposite the Rigi massif, and already as you come in towards canton Schwyz on…


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